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At Sheffield we believe that moving should be an all inclusive, one-stop service. As part of this commitment to a one-stop service, our storage services offer the best choice for those seeking the highest level of care at a reasonable cost when storing their belongings. Sheffield will handle the safe transportation of your belongings between your home and our storage facilities.

Sheffield’s storage services offer a practical solution for a wide variety of situations such as leaving one home before a new home is ready, downsizing, or staging your home in preparation to sell. Our storage facilities are government-inspected, climate-controlled and optimally configured for household goods storage. Further, our storage facilities feature electronic surveillance designed to keep valuable possessions secure and safe for weeks, years, or decades.

We understand your possessions are valuable. Every item that is stored in our facility is documented at the time of pickup using inventory tags. This process allows for our team to keep track of your goods from the time of pick up until they are returned to you. Every item is loaded into an enclosed wooden pallet where it will be protected from light and debris. Unlike self-storage facilities, all furniture stored by our team is wrapped in furniture pads and handled with the care of our professionals.