Valuation Coverage in Toronto, ON

Every precaution is taken to ensure that belongings are protected. However, accidents do happen. To alleviate any worry, we suggest you consider Sheffield’s Replacement Value Protection Plan.

Replacement Value Protection Plan & Valuation Coverage in Toronto, London, Ottawa, and the Surrounding Areas

Sheffield’s Replacement Value Protection Plan is a comprehensive and straightforward way to protect your household goods in the event of damage or loss. Under this plan, if an item is damaged it will be restored to the same condition as it was prior to the move. In addition, if the damage is beyond repair or if the item is lost, Sheffield will replace the item with a new one of equal quality. Replacement Value Protection extends to items that have been professionally packed and unpacked by our team.

Keep in mind that breakage inside self-packed boxes is excluded from Replacement Value Protection coverage. As is standard throughout the moving industry, Sheffield will assume no liability for documents, jewellery, coins, and items of extraordinary value unless they are specifically declared prior to the move. We recommend that these items are transported separately in the care of the owner.


Released Rate Liability

The Best Valuation Coverage in Toronto, ON, and the Surrounding Areas

Without the Replacement Value Protection Plan, by law Sheffield Moving & Storage’s maximum liability in the event of loss or damage is restricted to $0.60 (sixty cents) per pound per article. We do not recommend shipping your household goods at the Released Rate because carrier liability is usually below the current market value of most household items. Released Rate coverage is primarily intended for use by those who have alternate insurance arrangements that include full risk coverage for moving and storage. Keep in mind that household insurance policies vary greatly, they often feature high deductibles, and they rarely provide full coverage for your goods while they are loaded, in transit, and unloaded.