Packing Tips in Toronto, ON

  • Start early and aim to be fully packed a couple of days before the move.
  • Use proper materials and moving boxes.
  • Ensure all items are well wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap before being packed in the moving box.
  • Only use sturdy boxes or bins (no garbage bags) that can be sealed and always tape seams securely versus folding flaps.
  • Start each box with a two-inch layer of crumpled packing paper to provide cushioning, and use a similar cushion of paper at the top of the box. Keep in mind that all boxes will be stacked tightly in the truck, and if packed properly this should not be an issue.
  • As you pack, layer items with heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Pack items together as tightly as possible to minimize movement within the moving box.
  • Wrap dishes individually with enough paper to keep them safe. Plates and other flat breakable items should be packed on their side rather than stacked flat.
  • Do not pack moving boxes heavier than 50 pounds each.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavy and dense items, and medium and larger boxes for lighter bulkier items.
  • Label all boxes with a description of their contents and which room they should be delivered to at your new home. Label fragile items.

What not to pack

  • Valuable items and irreplaceable possessions should be moved personally.
  • Medication, passports, and important documents should be moved personally.
  • Do not pack hazardous or flammable items such as paint cans, aerosols, explosives, propane tanks, firearms, and ammunition. Please do not pack any liquids if possible.